We are Kara, Servicing Company


– To provide better quality and on time Services for Bosch customers. – To attract more and more customers and keep them satisfy from Bosch services so that they recommend Bosch to other customers. – To inculcate a strong research on market in order to keep our services up to date and provide a dynamic, efficient and effective guarantee for Bosch buyers.


To be a premier Bosch home appliance after-sell guarantee in Iran that provides good quality and ethical services for customers in order to attract them toward Bosch products for their future possible purchases. We believe that the best advertising tool is providing customers with best services so that they would recommend us to other future possible buyers. We follow business ethical issues, maintain a friendly environment and consider quality over quantity in order to progress slowly but continuously.

Why Us

In 13 years, Kara Service has achieved much in a relatively short period of time. It has gained the trust of its customers in its time so that they would advertise us to their friends and families for their future possible purchases.


What We Do

Kara service is a limited responsibility company founded in 2005 and is located in Tehran, Iran. This company started its work by providing customers all kind of after sell services including, installing, periodic services and repairing. Kara Service is a Servicing company set up as a wholly private company in order to provide the noblest services for Bosch products’ customers, taking up the challenge of fulfilling a very important goal, which is satisfying a large group of buyers who are willing to have the best.