Common problem that can happen for your vacuum cleaners

By asking from our customers, we have noticed that there is an issue with their vacuum cleaner that most of them faced with over time. In this part we would discuss about that in brief and explain prevention solutions.

The picture of a fake bag

The picture of an original bag


Main reason:

The main reason behind the engine damages of bosch’s vacuum cleaners is that-

customers use the fake cleaning bags (left picture in bottom of the last page)-

instead of the original ones (right picture in bottom of the last page). The main-

bags are mad-up of 5 layers that would prevent the dust to get out of the bag-

and enter to the engine. On the other hand, unoriginal bags are mad-up of 3 layers,-

thus causing the dust and dirt to get out easily over time and penetrate to the engine-

of the vacuum cleaner and damage it.

One important point to mention here is that if you need to check the quality of your-

bags over time, you should check the area around the bag. The space that the bag-

is being placed in should be clean and out of dust all the time, therefore if you ever-

found that area full of dust, that is because your bag is not original and you should-

immediately change it before it damages your vacuum cleaner engine.

(The space that the bag is being placed in should be clean and out of dust all the time)